The Shape
The body and tail have been specifically designed to take the teething problems out of parenting. The shape is easy to hold which allows your baby to use the teether independently and helps to develop fine motor skills. 

The Tail
The tail is designed to get to those hard to reach places. It is hollow which provides the most satisfying surface to bite and chew. Research suggests this has therapeutic benefits and helps to develop language and communication skills


My Friend Goo is easy to clean. You can run it under a hot tap or clean with a baby wipe. It is completely sealed and will therefore not harbour mould.

Ethically Sourced
Our main aim is to produce a teether that is as safe and chemical free as possible. We have therefore gone to lengths to ensure the rubber used is of the highest quality.

  1. Our latex has no built-in ingredients.

  2. The trees from which the latex is extracted, are treated without pesticides or herbicides.

  3. The tree plantations are protected from external interference.

  4. Our latex is centrifuged to eliminate impurities.