Cloud and Cuckoo present My Friend Goo. A lightweight natural rubber teether that has been designed to provide comfort during the early stages of teething.

Safe and Sound

Our aim is to develop a range of teether’s that are completely safe for babies to mouth and chew. Our challenge has been to ensure that the safest material is also as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Once upon a time..

When my first daughter started teething I was misguided to say the least. I thought she would teethe, the teeth would come and that would be it. Little did I know the process would span over a couple of years. I would spend way to much time trying to figure out what was going on. One thing was for sure though…she wanted to put everything in her mouth. 


At the same time she was learning to grasp and trying to control her movements. To cut a long story short I found most of the options on the market didn’t work for us for one reason or another. I couldn’t believe how many were made from hard plastic which didn’t seem to be very satisfying to chew on or very safe to put in your mouth. I remember searching online for rubber dog toys amazed that a light, hollow, easy to hold, chemical free rubber teether didn’t already exist. 




As a designer I had already designed a suitable alternative and my journey as a ‘mumpreneur’ had begun. It was my awareness of what my baby needed that initiated my idea and ‘My Friend Goo’ was born. I can’t say it’s been easy, especially as I’ve obsessed over it being as chemical free as possible, but I have enjoyed the ride. What makes me most happy is watching a baby interact with 'My Friend Goo’. My second daughter looks at me as if to say ‘I can actually hold this AND get it in my mouth.’ With pure delight in her eyes she chomps away at it like a dog with a bone.


Our focus is to continue to develop a range of innovative natural baby products to help take the teething problems out of parenting. We are keen to know about your experiences of our products so feel free to get in touch


We look forward to hearing from you