Teething Tips

‘He’s probably teething’

This is something which has been said to me over & over again since having my little boy. Teething, teething, teething. Everything gets blamed on those illusive teeth but there are so many different symptoms, & remedies. It’s a minefield!

My little boy started dribbling…I mean really dribbling…at about 5 weeks old.  We were going through at least 8 soaked through bibs a day. ‘Oh he’s definitely teething’  is what everyone told us…his first tooth came through 9 months later! That is a long time to be teething with no sign of actual teeth. One thing I didn’t know before having a baby is that the teeth are busy moving round & getting into place way before they actually emerge from the gum which is why teething tends to take a looong time. A long & often painful time.

Looking online at signs of teething or ways to ease the discomfort opens up a whole new fountain of fun. I found lots of conflicting information so I thought it might be useful to compile a list to help shed some light on things.

Common symptoms of teething:




Swollen gums

Grabbing/rubbing ears

Rubbing face

Off their food

Difficulty sleeping

Teething rash/red cheeks

Runny nose

Diarrhea/nappy rash

Raised temperature

Blood blister in the mouth

Raised temperature

Some things that helped us along the way…


Dribble bibs

Dribble bibs became my new best friend. Otherwise the cute outfit you have dressed

them in that morning will look like you’ve spilt a whole glass of water down it 5

minutes later. The best brand of bibs I found (& believe me, I tried a lot) were Funky

Giraffe. They are super absorbent, soft (fleece backed) & also look cool. They

actually became a bit of a trademark of my little boy. He is never seen without one,

even if he is not having a particularly drooling day.


Invest in a decent teether

Anything they can get their hands on goes straight into the mouth.

They seem to find great relief in biting and chewing anything, hence our reason for

designing ‘My Friend Goo’


Distraction techniques

Poor things, nothing you do can soothe them. They don’t want to be held, but they

don’t want to be put down. Nothing you can do is right. Bad times in baby-land. I

tried a million and one different distraction techniques, listening to music, singing,

dancing, favourite toys, bouncing on my yoga ball whilst holding him (at times rather

vigorously), reading a book.  Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t but it

was worth a try.


Carrot, celery and cucumber sticks

These are great for biting even before the teeth come. The other great thing is you can 

leave them in the fridge or freezer so they are lovely and cold. 


Knotted frozen flanel/muslin

I know this sounds a bit weird but I cut up a square of muslin tied them into a knot, ran

them under cold water and then left them in the freezer for emergencies when his

mouth was really hot. This might not work for everyone but again in my darkest

moments anything was worth a go.