Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Friend Goo free from all chemicals?

Yes. My Friend Goo is made from 100% natural rubber meaning there are no harsh chemicals. We make sure that our latex is sourced from rubber trees which are protected from external interference and are not treated with pesticides or herbicides.

My baby has a latex allergy, is My Friend Goo safe to use?

No, unfortunately not. My Friend Goo is made from natural rubber latex.

Do you have a shop we can visit?

No. We are an internet-only based shop but My Friend Goo is stocked in shops so visit our Stockists page for details.

Can I sterilise My Friend Goo?

We recommend not sterilising My Friend Goo as this may damage the natural rubber latex over time.

How do I clean My Friend Goo?

My Friend Goo can be cleaned in hot running water or being wiped with a baby wipe or sterilising wipe. My Friend Goo can also be submerged in hot soapy water as it is a seed unit so there is no risk of water entering, thus harbouring mould.

What should I do when I first receive My Friend Goo, before I give it to my baby?

We recommend you give My Friend Goo a wash with some hot soapy water before first use.

My Friend Goo has some discolouration in parts & some slight imperfections, is this normal?

My Friend Goo is a handmade product, meaning each one is individual. Because of this manufacturing process, slight imperfections may appear in the rubber but this is totally normal & does not effect the performance of the teether. Just think of it as, you have a one of a kind teether.